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Whether you prefer hiking to discover the breathtaking scenery, shopping in the city or boating in the bay, the city has many wonderful adventures to offer. Whether you stay in one of the Newport Beach vacation rentals, relax on the pristine beach or return when it's time to skip and recharge, this ocean retreat is the perfect place to return when there's no time to relax - or recharge. If you are staying in or near a kind of Newport Beach vacation rental, you will be spoiled with a fun and relaxing beach vacation. There are numerous activities for family and friends, such as hiking, cycling, kayaking and fishing, as well as a wide selection of outdoor activities.

We moved from Greenwich, Connecticut, to Corona del Mar, Newport Beach and will be back very often. If you are not interested in accommodating friends and family when visiting, do not hesitate to recommend Hyatt Regency Newport Beach. This 4-star resort is perfect for those looking for a relaxed, centrally located place to stay.

Located on a hill overlooking the ocean, you can surf and soak up the sun whenever you want, or swim in the beautiful sands of Newport Beach where you and your little ones can swim and surf. Whether you are on a whale or dolphin watching trip or just a day trip, there is always a way to get into the water and enjoy this beautiful harbor. It has a family-friendly pool where we dropped our little one off to explore the beach and the fantastic views of the Pacific from our hotel room.

Duffy's in Newport Beach is the original company, and you can also rent a number of other boats that can be found in other parts of the city. Duffy boats are part of Newport's beach life and as long as you have a licence it's good to hire one.

Shirley Temple was the first Miss Newport Beach in 1930 and her former home is in the harbour. The community changed its name to Newport in 1870, when the main industry was merchant shipping. This is a 30-foot sailboat, located directly in Newport Harbor, and is one of the oldest sailboats still in operation in California.

Newport Beach is a beautiful part of Southern California and still exudes the old Hollywood feel, but it is definitely something special to enjoy Newport Beach on the water. The Duffy Boat Tour is a must-do if you are in town as it is one of the best ways to get a feel for the waterways of Newport Beach and there are some amazing waterfront houses near Duffy's boat. You can pick it up at the visitor centre at 1200 Newport Center Drive or order it online by viewing the official Newport BeachesVisitor Guide online. One way to catch it is by boat, and it's really not difficult to get to and from Duffy's, so be warned, there's definitely a lot to really enjoy about Newport Island when you're out of town.

There are many restaurants in Newport Beach, but my recommendation is to dine in one as it has an impressive list of fine dining restaurants. There are many beach stalls serving delicious casual snacks, and then browse the boutiques of Corona del Mar and Gogo for a quick lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants in the area.

I think the Balboa Peninsula is an endless source of pleasure, from the boats of the little Duffy Putt - Putting in the bay to the beach volleyball and golf courses. Some locals don't even know the canals of Newport Beach, but they are a great setting for sunset rides with Gondola Adventures.

Newport Beach is known for its year-round mild weather, but don't forget to bring a swimsuit when you visit in December. The weather is a bit cool in summer, but pleasant and warm for travelers.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Newport Beach, the hottest months are September, August and then July. With better than guaranteed weather in the summer months of June, July, September and October, Newport Beach is the ultimate summer destination.

You can sunbathe, shop in the shops and restaurants right on the beach and be part of one of the most popular beach parties and festivals in the world.

There are also many restaurants and cinemas and Newport Beach is also home to one of the most popular beach parties in the world. So if you're shopping and surfing in town, stay close to Hyatt Regency Newport Beach. There are also a number of other hotels and hotels with great views, including the Hilton, Marriott, Hilton and Hilton.

Newport Beach is only 45 miles from LAX, but the journey can take between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on traffic. If you land at LAZ, there is a one-hour drive from Los Angeles International Airport (L.A.X.) to Newport Beach, depending on traffic, or a two- and - depending on traffic - a half-to-three-mile drive from the airport and a four- to five-minute drive in the morning.

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