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re a local in Newport Beach, California, you have plenty of fun whether you are here for the first time or not. I can guarantee you won't come across the top things we do, but here are some of our top tips and tricks for all the fun things you can do all year round on Newport Beach in California, no matter what time of year.

The beach is a beautiful place and not so crowded and connects to Newport Beach next to the entrance of the Newport Harbor Jetty. The Balboa Pier is the fun zone on Balotta Island and is the place where the climbers stop, so don't miss it! There is another concrete promenade that stretches along the beach from the east side of the Balboa pier to the west of the Newport pier and is a great place for picnics, beach volleyball and other fun activities.

The old school promenade brings the nostalgia of Coney Island to the West Coast, and fishing is extremely popular.

To help you write your itinerary, here are some of the best things to do in Newport Beach that have been specially compiled for you. To discover all the fun activities on Newport Beach, head to the Anaheim Hills for dining, exploring the nearby golf course, refueling at the beach restaurant, and refreshing yourself at a local bar. There is no doubt that whale watching is a spectacular activity to do, you can catch glimpses of these massive creatures all year round. We will be a little happy about one of our favorite things we did on the beaches of Newport, the little ones.

Newport Beach is quite large, with nine different neighborhoods to explore, and the coast is a great base. The area of Newport Beach includes the Balboa Peninsula, also known as "Balboa," and other villages, including Laguna Beach Lido, Beach Club, a beach bar and restaurant, as well as several restaurants and bars. We won't list every single beach we like here, but there are some of our favorite beaches that have already been ranked among the top 10 beaches in Lagunas Beach, such as La Brea, Pacific Beach and Huntington Beach.

If you need a beach getaway but still need some creature comforts, Newport Beach is a great place to spend a day. Corona del Mar State Beach, located in the town of Newport Beach, is our favorite beach for an afternoon of sleep. Attractions include the beach bar and restaurant, as well as several restaurants and bars, such as the Beach Club.

The concerts at Back Bay Bistro add to the list of romantic activities in Newport Beach. Check out our guide to what to see and do in Newport Beach, and we also have a list of community events. Walk along the promenade, enjoy the life at Newport Beach or visit some of the great restaurants and shops in town, as well as the beach and beach areas.

To get to Balboa Island, select 124 Marine Ave in Newport Beach, the local fire station on the main street. If you like shopping, head to one of the many shopping centres in the city, such as the Old Town Market or the Newport Shopping Centre. For more information on trips to the beach and Newport Beach, please visit the Excursions website.

The Ramada Inn in Costa Mesa is located just blocks from the Newport Beach Convention Center, and there are also many restaurants and movie theaters. Huntington Beach offers surfing events as well as a variety of entertainment and restaurants, while Costaesa has revitalized itself to provide alternative shopping and entertainment options for residents and visitors to Newport Beach. The beaches of Newport also have the largest shopping centre in the world, the Old Town Market, with more than 1,000 shops and over 100 restaurants.

In Newport Beach, guests will find some of the biggest attractions, including the Huntington Beach Convention Center, the Newport - Costa Mesa Convention and Visitors Bureau and many more. So if you're shopping and surfing in town, stay close to Hyatt Regency Newport Island Beach.

If you're looking for some date ideas, there are plenty of inexpensive romantic things to do in Newport Beach. Bebe a 30 foot sailboat right in Newport Harbour, and if you board yourself, head to the surf beach of Blackies near Newport Pier and rent one for a few hours. The exhibition includes works by artists such as John Wayne Gacy, Frank Sinatra, John Lennon and many others.

Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel is a friendly beachfront hotel ($135) located on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, just blocks from the beach. There are so many fun things to do, from riding the Ferris wheel to watching the 30 foot waves at Wedge to exploring Crystal Cove State Park. The Balotta Peninsula has some of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California and the best views of San Diego Bay. If you're in the market to spend a romantic date night, you won't want to miss out because there's so much fun to do in and around Newport Island.

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More About Newport Beach