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Restaurants in Orange County have been given the green light to resume limited indoor operations after the district was moved to a second tier in the state's coronavirus reopening plan. California last week issued a temporary ban on indoor food and beverage operations for the next two weeks.

Not surprisingly, the guidelines are comprehensive, or at least set out, but reopening has not yet been allowed in Orange County. The Newport Beach City Department of Public Health and Environmental Control said it had already conducted inspections of restaurants and warned businesses that were not following instructions. Not only are staff masks with quotes worn in local restaurants, according to city guidelines. Subscribe to our weekly Food Newsletter, learn where to eat, and get the latest on what's happening in and around Orange City.

American grilled favorites like steaks, burgers and pizza and the rest of the crew will certainly enjoy the experience like no other. Combine this unparalleled view with live music, fly over the ocean and take a seat at one of Newport Beach's most popular restaurants, and you'll have the perfect Southern California dining experience. We love the ocean and we love to eat, so grab your peace and quiet and fly to the beach for a day of sun, sunsets and ocean views.

Bluewater also places great emphasis on sustainability and responsible fishing practices; in fact, all the swordfish on offer are caught on their own boat, the Pilikia. The 22-foot Duffy boat of the Cannery enters Newport Harbour and guests can arrive in style by Duffy boat and reach the upscale restaurant with a stroll along the main streets of the village. Guests can also choose from the Canneries "1-boat menu, which consists of a variety of seafood, seafood sandwiches, salads, burgers, sandwiches and more.

To get the best for your budget, customers can opt for Cannery's Sunday Brunch menu, which offers generously portioned fish platters with bottomless champagne. While the restaurant does not have to offer special menu discounts during the month, the Helmsman offers half of the starters on Fridays and Saturdays. You can win prizes, and maybe guests will pick a new place, eat out or take - out, "he says. With a dining room in desperate need of renovation, the fish is fresh and uncomplicated, with grilled swordfish, prawns, crabs, tuna, salmon and more on offer.

Take it literally and go to the Tanner's Treehouse Lounge on the roof for happy hour from Monday to Thursday. Get ready to meet during the sociable hours and stay until 7 p.m. to enjoy a drink at sunset at a communal dining table in the style of the community.

Sit by the pool and relax to the sound of the waves or on the indoor terrace with open windows to enjoy the sea breeze and soak up everything.

Although there has been a revolving door for chefs over the years, the basics here remain unchanged, from hand-crafted fries to chateau-style takeaways. The food is cooked and wrapped in beautiful packaging and brought home on the beach or on the yacht, but it is certainly nice to enjoy everything again. Let's look at what they get credit for and who gets credit for: moke pork sausages.

The menu is lined with grains and glass and guests can expect a mix of Peruvian and Japanese flavors. Inspired by a trip to Baja, it is full of fresh, simple dishes that are prepared from scratch and contain fresh local ingredients that make their food as delicious as the view. It's a must-have for any foodie, but especially for chef Nobu Matsuhisa and his team of chefs.

Helmsman's Ale House is one of more than five dozen restaurants participating in Newport Beach Restaurant Month in September. The month has a special app - based on a meal pass that asks guests to visit the top five restaurants in the city, as well as other local restaurants. Other prizes include a $5,000 gift certificate for one of the restaurants and $1,500 in gift certificates for the restaurant.

When dining at Tanner's, you'll get 8% off valet parking and the fresh air you need in Newport Beach for just $5 a day or $10 for a full meal.

The lounge is located on a 150 foot cliff overlooking Salt Creek Beach and offers 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean. It is said to be the only restaurant on this list that is not directly on the water. The lounge features a beachfront lounge overlooking the ocean and the Newport Beach skyline.

Ola Mexican Kitchen is getting into the spirit of the new season with a creative menu that combines Mexican comfort food with ideas from south of the border. The indoor and outdoor restaurant serves an extensive drinks menu including beer, liqueur, sake and wine. Forget the food and head to the outdoor terrace for a great view of Newport Beach and the ocean.

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