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The Art - A - Fair Festival is the ultimate destination for art lovers visiting this summer. For the physical well-being is provided, with live music, food trucks, artisans, traders and much more.

You will enjoy working with chefs, including many of the most famous top chefs (including their top chefs) and sommeliers from around the world. You will enjoy wine, beer, wine cocktails, cocktails and more, as well as wine and beer tastings. Celebrity chefs cook, taste and wine tasting are offered throughout the festival weekend.

If you like beer, sausage and sauerkraut and want to dance directly to Oompah - pa music in the Linzer Boys, you will love Oktoberfest, the largest and most popular beer and wine festival in the world. German bands from all over Europe, plus beer (imported beer, of course), food, music, wine, food trucks, live entertainment, beer tastings and much more, Ok Oktoberfest has something for everyone.

There is live music, food stalls and activities for children throughout the day, including face painting, duck dips and more. For more live music there is also a variety of food trucks, beer and wine tastings, live entertainment and much more! It is held in conjunction with several other surf competitions, including a sponsored surf event at Newport Beach Surf Club.

Run / Walk, this event features arts and crafts shows, face painting, live music, food trucks and more! With more than 150 different beers, from craft beer to craft wine, wine and spirits, beer and wine tastings and much more.

Members of the garden club are invited to visit this show garden, which offers a variety of good ideas to join in. Dana Point Harbor offers great whale watching and excursion services that provide exciting and fantastic experiences. NEWPORT CHANNEL INN staff members are happy to share their favorite spots and help guests organize boat trips to see the parade from the water.

If your vision speaks to you, we recommend you visit Hornblower Cruises, an award-winning yacht charter company where the realisation of dreams is a way of life. If you want to give romance a nautical twist, we show you the way with this event for horn-blowing cruises. The company is also a full-service event company that offers a variety of special events such as weddings, concerts and other special occasions.

The state - the - the - art Endless Dreams is one of the largest yachts in Southern California, which offers a wide selection of Southern California. With features you won't find on any other ship of this size, Endless dreams pales in comparison to other ships of this size.

Join us for an exclusive seminar hosted by Maureen O'Neill, founder and owner of Newport Beach Dog Park and the world's largest dog park in Newport Beach, California. In California ranked # 1, so help us with why we should be at this year's event. From bonding with family members to the best dog parks in the country to the inevitable biting phase - how do you survive that? Maureen will guide you through the puppies from the very beginning.

Join us for a virtual session that will help you to leave harmful toxins behind in 2020 and be clean and healthy in 2021. The first session focuses on the importance of detoxification and purification through food and answers questions about what toxins are and how they affect your body and your daily health. As a certified clinical nutritionist and lifestyle coach, Susan offers you the best foods that support the body's natural "detoxification process," and tips on how to cleanse your body in a safer and healthier way.

The Newport Beach Innovate event will focus on changes in lending and the future of lending. The Emerging Business of Lending event at Huntington Beach Community Center will include a keynote panel and presentations from companies on various topics, including "Driving Medtech," "Lending in Newport" and "Newport Beach's Future." Dr. David D. Smith, Professor of Chemistry at Irvine University, will talk about ion chemistry and mass spectrometry and his research on the impact of ion chemistry on health and public health.

This is a special event not to be missed, and there will be live music, food trucks, live entertainment, a live art exhibition and much more.

You will see and be inspired by over 200 illuminated and intricately decorated boats parading through Newport Beach as you compete for raffles and prizes.

Since the early 1930s, this colourful event has been held in July and August and has gained worldwide recognition. Together with the International Coastal Cleanup, organized by the Ocean Conservancy and held on the same day, California Coastal Cleanup Day has become one of the most popular events in the United States and the world.

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